Let’s say you want to do a broadcast voicemail to everyone in the company (yes, people still do it – see this link for a good explanation on making a VM distribution list for everyone in the company).  Let’s further suppose that it’s someone important (President/CEO) that wants to professionally record the greeting at their convenience, or say you don’t want to tax the system in the middle of the day by sending a VM attachment to everyone in the company.  Outlook doesn’t have a way to author your own voicemail with a .wav attachment, but there is still a way to get the job done. 

Basically, we want to edit the message class of the e-mail and properties to make it look like a voicemail and tell it the name of the voicemail attachment using MFCMapi.  To make it easier, we are coping and pasting the properties from an existing voicemail, renaming the attachment name.

First you need to download MFCMapi from Microsoft (now on Codeplex) to manually edit the message:


First, let me give a hat tip to my former colleague Kara Verbeek  who typed up these instructions based off my somewhat vague verbal explanation and half-demonstration on how to do this.  This is based on Exchange 2007, however, I think it applies to 2010 as well except perhaps the limitation on codec (changes needed in red):

Create new email and attach VM audio file in Outlook

File needs to be .wav – GSM 6.10 8.000kHz, Mono

Save as draft


Open MFCMAPI x86

File – Logon and Display Store Table

Default Profile

Double Click to Open Mailbox – UserMailbox

Expand Root/Finder for Voicemail (double click to open Voice Mail)

Expand Top of Information for Inbox/Drafts (double click to open Inbox or Draft)


Select sample voicemail and draft email.


Edit below properties on draft:


Property Name(s): PR_MESSAGE_CLASS, PR_MESSAGE_CLASS_A, ptagMessageClass

Other Names: PR_MESSAGE_CLASS_W, PidTagMessageClas



Copy the below entire property from a voicemail and paste it into the draft email, then edit the VM name in red:

Tag: 0x6805001E


Other Names: PidTagVoiceMessageAttachmentOrder, PR_OAB_TRUNCATED_PROPS, PidTagOfflineAddressBookTruncatedProperties

DASL: http://schemas.microsoft.com/mapi/proptag/0x6805001E

Ansi String: 6512983337 (4 seconds) Voice Mail.wav



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