lyncpsOne of the things that is greatness in Lync 2010 is that, unlike OCS or LCS, it has its own PowerShell commandlets. No more using WMI in PowerShell to manage users. In the same vein, the new management console has taken the same approach as Exchange 2007 and 2010 – it’s merely a GUI (Silverlight) frontend to run to PowerShell commands. Some non-command line folks will not enjoy this, but I personally leapt for joy.

The bad side is, if you have WMI PowerShell stuff written for OCS 2007, you need to re-write it for Lync.

TechNet already has a great blog devoted to powershell in Lync at:

Now, the TechNet site is great and has more information than I could ever give here. Just the:


commandlet is godsend. But what I can stress to you is this – the way data is stored in Lync 2010 has changed (it no longer stores much in AD, instead opting for a new data store), your old PowerShell scripts for OCS 2007 WILL NOT work. I’ve started reworking my scripts for Lync  2010, and I will post some useful ones to this blog.

Thomas Kisner, MCITP


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