Windows 7 Phone Launch

As I type this, they are about to have the press conference announcing the much anticipated Windows Phone 7.

I thought it would be a good time to talk about the new Windows Phone 7 Lync 2010 client.

A couple of features to point out –

1. Call from work – Your outgoing caller ID will show your work number, as well as SIM ring showing the correct caller-ID

2. Conference call control – conference calls scheduled through Lync will have full GUI controls to allow and kick participants and the like

3. Conversation history get saved to your normal Outlook store

4. Full contact list from Lync, including the pictures and controls – it will look much like the desktop client

5. Click to join conference

6. All the other mobility features, including transferring the call that you are talking on your desktop client to your cell phone without anyone knowing it.


The Three UC Amigos blog has some some of the Lync Client Mock Ups – I have them, but I didn’t know if they were fair game to share (Since he works for MS I’ll let him do it):

Another Update:

I guess they were not fair game to share because they took all that stuff down – there were here:

Now, if they could just get it working on Verizon….

Thomas Kisner, MCITP

UPDATE:  This post is over a year old, but I find that a lot of people still land here looking for info on the WP7 Lync client.  This post was based on preliminary information from the W14 Airlift that (I had thought) the NDA had been lifted on.  The WP7 client and server backend install and documentation are now available :

Mobility and Autodiscover Services Software download:

Lync Mobility Deployment Guide:

New Hardware Load Balancer Requirements for Lync 2010 (CU4 requirements):

Link to the WP7 Lync Client in the Marketplace: