“One of the things Lync does, it replaces your enterprise PBX.  In fact, the era of the PBX, folks, is over.”  As soon as Gurdeep Singh Pall uttered those words at the Lync Launch event I knew it was game on.  Microsoft has been (publicly at least) dancing around this for months (well, years), saying that the Lync is meant to co-operate with your PBX, or perhaps, maybe,  kinda, replace it if you are so inclined and ready.  Gurdeep personally said as much at VoiceCon just a few months ago when he first publicly unveiled Lync – perhaps it was because the room was filled with PBX vendors.  I, and many others, have been saying the opposite – Lync is designed to be the PBX killer.  LCS and OCS were precursors leading to this day, giving hooks into the the industry so that Microsoft could enter it full on.

Today, with Bill Gates himself joining via streaming HD video with Lync, Microsoft drew their sword.  Game on.

Thomas Kisner, MCITP