We had a really great turnout and glad everyone came!  First, I want to thank http://NET.com for sponsoring dinner last night.  I also want to thank John Weston, Jonathan Shaver, and Bart Jozefiak for presenting last night.  We’ll get all of the presentations up on the UG website at http://dfwmsuc.org in the next couple of days.  I have my presentation on Lync PowerShell handy, so I’ve posted it on here too:  Lync Server 2010 and PowerShell

Second, the “official” DFW UC User Group news application I wrote for Windows Phone 7 was published in the Marketplace today, you can get it here:   http://bit.ly/lH2DqZI’ve posted the source code for the app on Codeplex , in case another User Group would like to use it, and I plan to update it with more features.  I’ve already got version 1.2 in the works with a couple enhancements.

Next meeting is July 28th at 6:00PM at the Microsoft Campus in Irving.  We’ll be talking about add-ins for Lync and CEBP, and we have some great speakers lined up that we’ll announce next week.


Thomas Kisner

P.S.  Bit of trivia I meant to mention last night – my presentation had a screenshot of Commodore 64 BASIC.  Commodore BASIC, like most BASIC implementations at the time, was written by Microsoft