Bear with me, I’ve got a bunch of topics I’m going to put all in one entry.

I thought I would note this month happens to be the one year Anniversary of  There have been about 18,000 hits to date, which I know pales in comparison to other UC blogs, but is still humbling that that many people have visited and hopefully found something useful.  I hope to post some deeper dive technical information in the future.

DFW Unified Communications User Group

Second, we had yet another most excellent meeting of the DFW Unified Communications User Group.  Last month (see picture above) we had record attendance and two great speakers, Doug Splinter and Ramesh Chaturvedi.  It’s been fun to watch the group grow from 5 people in December of 2010 to over 30 last month.  We have big plans for the future, and again I hope it’s useful for everyone who attends. One last note about one of speakers last month, Ramesh from Damaka, the Android version of Xync has started to hit the marketplace and the iOS version isn’t far behind.

Third, I’m privileged to be speaking about  CEBP Development with Microsoft Lync at Dallas TechFest this year on August 12th.  Additionally, if your stalking or just can’t get enough of me, I’ll be speaking about how to forklift your PBX at Ft. Worth IT Professional User Group on August 18th and as always I’ll be at the DFW UC UG on August 25th.   I’ll be posting my slide decks to this blog, so if you plan on coming to any of these talks stay tuned here to download my presentations.


Thomas Kisner, MCITP