Occasionally, someone else may record a Lync Meeting for you, or you may need to move meetings from one PC to another and you later want to publish the file as .WMV file (and don’t have the original one that was made automatically) or you need to change the options in what is included in the .WMV.

However, just moving the file to the “Lync Recordings” folder on your PC doesn’t cause it to automatically show up in Lync Recording Manager, and there is no intuitive way to “import” it into your recordings.

Fortunately, there is a way to get it to show up.  For this to work:

  1. Lync Recording Manager *must* be closed
  2. You must copy the recording folder to your “Lync Recordings” folder (if doesn’t work if the folder is in any other location)

Now do the following:

  1. Browse in Explorer to your recording the Lync Recordings folder ( in Windows 7 “x:\Users\userID\Lync Recordings\RecordingName”, in Windows XP “x:\Documents and Setttings\userID\Lync Recordings\RecordingName” )
  2. Doubleclick “RecordingData.frd”
  3. Windows won’t have an application associated with .frd extension and won’t know how to open it.  Pick  “Select the program from a list” ,  and then browse for “x:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync\ocpubmgr.exe”
  4. Lync Recording Manager will open.  Click on the “Lync Recordings” Tab and your recording will now be in the list.

You can now publish the recording (and change the options for publishing).