As you can tell, I haven’t really added any blog posts consistently since 2012.  It’s fewer and more far between with my current role, but every now and then I figure out something really cool, or figure out hard problem on Lync/SFB and think “I should make a blog post on that”. In the end I never do it because I’ve busied myself with other endeavors that have taken up my time.

I’ve left the site up and renewed the domain every year, but now I’m going to let the domain expire.  It will stay on Worpress, well, probably forever.  However, this will be my last post.

A couple of things to clear up:

  1. No company XYZ, I will not update a link or something I wrote 3 years ago because you updated your product.
  2. I don’t run the DFW UC Users Group anymore, and I only very occasionally attend. It almost always conflicts my volunteer work
  3. I know the other site deleted the source code for my .NETMF boxes.  They moved on to other platforms.  Sorry about that, but I don’t have the files handy.

I hope this site was helpful, or that if you find yourself here there is still some old content that is still helpful.  It blows my mind how many hits, questions, and comments this site got in the past.