A a couple a weeks ago, I did a quick video on the UX1000 hardware (that is now been released):

I’m working on a second video on how to program it for Lync and setup the SBA, and when it’s complete I will update this post.  (You can subscribe to this post to be notified when it’s updated).

A few days ago Tom Arbuthnot posted a blog with pictures of the hardware (that provide a better look than my video), if your interested in the UX1000 you should definitely check it out.

I had one other picture I wanted to share – a Size comparison between the UX2000 and the UX1000:

UX1000 vs UX2000

The UX1000 is sitting on top of the UX2000.  They are both 1U high units, but the UX1000 is half the length, perfect for remote site telecom closets and racks that are not full length “datacenter” type racks that mount with just a couple of ears on the side.